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From Alessandro Bottoni <>
Subject Generating a FrameSet from a XML document
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 10:07:40 GMT
[Sorry, if you feel this question is off-topic]

I'm starting to design a Cocoon1-based web site and I would like to use a
frameset with the usual "navigation frame" on the left side, the "main
content frame" on the right, maybe a "banner frame" on the top... the usual
frame-based layout you can see in most web sites.

I wonder: how can I generate the frameset and the frames from my XML
I cannot see any way to generate a new HTML file when I match, let's say, a
<page></page> tag.
(and yes: I have seen how Norman Walsh's DocBook DSSSL perform this task. I
still cannot understand how to perform it with XML/XSLT and, if required,
XSP, from within Cocoon).

In any case, it should be possible to use a XML "top level" document to
generate the framset, put in it the links to other XML documents and have
them converted to HTML frame-documents on-the-fly, right? Is there any
problem related with the sequence of request/response events between the
client and the server?


Alessandro Bottoni (
Web Programmer @ Think3 inc. (
I do not speak for think3 and they return the favour

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