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From "Wolfgang Werner" <>
Subject Looking for the big picture
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 13:36:01 GMT
Hello all, 

sorry for this long text.

Please - where can I find overall information / documentation 
concerning developing cocoon sites? Maybe someone could help.

I have to write a more or less common web site (a special form
of an online shop). 

Areas to cover are
	* user authentification
	* paginated search result list
	* shopping cart
	* order system

I am using a EJB server that is already able to deliver results 
in XML - so far so good. But now I'm looking for a good technique
to create the actual web representation. 

	* pure servlet
	* pure jsp
	* jsp and MVC concept (aka java blueprint J2EE)
	* servlet/jsp + cocoon
	* xsp / cocoon 
I would like to integrate a final xslt processing to separate content
and layout (and, to be able to let our screen designers do all the 
work based on static xml files before I have to deliver a stable EJB
version ...)

I started to develop a logicsheet (following many hints I read so far
on this list) but as of know I can't see the big picture. 

So, what I really need is a quick start! Maybe someone could give me 
a hint how to create the following flow with Cocoon:

	* request
	* check for authorisation header
	* request authorisation header if not there
	* do some logic (url-event mapping etc.)
	* query my EJBs
	* generate content (mixing logic/screenflow/content from EJB)
	* forcing final transformation

Again, most of these parts I am able to do, but I'm sure I missed
something from the big picture. There is a 'fromservlet' example that 
explains how to call Cocoon from a servlet, but is this really the best 
way to do it? Can't I just use only XSP?

Questions over questions.

BTW: I have to be able to scale to up to 500 *parallel* users 
BTW: Should I start working with cocoon or cocoonII?

Any help is welcome! Thanks, Greetinx, 

Wolfgang Werner

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