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From "Achim Domma" <>
Subject AW: caching [was: AW: taglibs]
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 07:45:51 GMT

> I didn't have some much problem with the caching mecanism. But maybe I'm
> used to such mecanisms and to the usual tricks to use with them...
> Actually, the only thing I discovered is that when another file than the
> root xml document is changed (XSL/XSP documents), the cache sometimes does
> not detect the change. So the workaround is quite simple : just
> touch (i.e.
> save it again without modifying the content) and Cocoon will process the
> entire pipeline again (we've got to fix that if possible, but it seems
> complex to me...).

I tried a simple example with 3 files : One xml-file with the content, a
taglib and a xsl-file to transform everything to hmtl. I also use some
selfmade javaclasses in the taglib.
When is the taglib loaded by Cocoon ? If I change the taglib and touch
my xml-file the changes in the taglib don't take any effekt ! I allways
have to restart my apache and to delete the repository.

I realy like cocoon, but after some hours of testing I have now a working
example with everything I want. The problem is, that I have no idea why
it works or better why it has not worked some hours bevor.

I will keep on trying, an perhaps I could write some docu if I understand
more ...


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