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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: Reloading jars
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 10:59:47 GMT
> >Is there a way to tell them to reload the new classes?
> >(Sounds problematic to me...)
> This is a common requirement. I have a patch here which I have 
> been meaning 
> to release for a couple of weeks now, to fix the reload problem. 
> Just need 
> to generate it and email it out. Hopefully this can go into 
> Cocoon 1.8! :-)

Vote for that!!

> There will be an extra option in to configure what 
> directories to reload from, so it can be turned off if required.


> However it does not reload from jars or zips because that is too 
> dangerous 
> as far as I can see - unfortunately some Java virtual machines 
> have native 
> code which does not expect zip or jar files to be modified 
> concurrently, and 
> it can literally cause a VM crash.

Hm... that's what meant with problematic ;-)

> It won't be a problem to unzip your jar files and just use the 
> class files in the normal way, will it?

Unfortunately it _is_ a problem!! ... I've tried it this way first!
I put the directory into jruns classpath but cocoon didn't find
the classes anyway. I had to name my jar in the path!

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