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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: Querying joined tables with SQLProcessor
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 02:50:24 GMT
> 	Hi,
> 		I'm trying to query a database that has two
> 		tables that represent a many to one relationship,
> 		that is a book with more than one author. If I
> 		write a query to join these two tables and then
> 		want to format it through SQL Processor, I'll get
> 		XML of the form:
> 		Is there a neat way to try to get output of the
> 		form:
> 		BOOK1
> 		Authors: ME,HIM
> 		I think that modes are they way, but I can't quite
> 		see it.

Not in sql processor or in the sql logicsheet. you can do nested queries
using the SAX sql filter in cocoon2. i reckon someone could patch the DOM
sql logicsheet to allow nested queries in cocoon2 too, but i don't have
the time to do so.

- donald

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