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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: xsp-castor taglib
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 16:24:26 GMT
On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Gensky Regnus wrote:

> Donald Ball wrote:
> > 
> > On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Gensky Regnus wrote:
> > 
> > > I am having problems with boolean variables when using xsp-castor. I
> > > think it's related to the way the sql type is handled in
> > > XSPCastorLibrary, in the char[01]  conversion from char SQL type to
> > > Boolean Java type. I was successful in deleting/storing/retrieving  and
> > > marshaling the same objects from the command line.
> > 
> > holy canoli, someone's _using_ xsp-castor (besides kevin and
> > i)? hurrah! can you give me some more details on your database and its
> > schema?
> I added the following in the Author class
>   private boolean active;
>   public void setActive(boolean newActive) {
>     active = newActive;
>   }
>   public boolean isActive() {
>     return active;
>   }
> added  active char(1) to the author_table and inserted
>   <field name="active"  type="boolean" get-method="isActive"
> set-method="setActive"     required="true">
>    <sql name="active" type="char[01]"/>
>    <xml node="element"/>
>   </field>
> inside the Author class mapping in the mapping.xml file
> The form shows up with the given name, family name and a select box for
> active, but when I try to save a new Author, I get

right, the library things that all character arrays should be strings, and
it's failing when trying to convert one to a boolean. makes sense in my
opinion, but you might write to the castor dev list and plead your
case. myself, i use bits or tinyints to store boolean values depending on
the database (some databases provide bit columns but won't let you call
rs.getBoolean on them!!?!)

> > > I am also looking for advice on how to do the SAX to DOM thing. The
> > > interface provided by Castor (Marshaller) is SAX based while XSP seems
> > > to expect DOM elements being returned.
> > 
> > Er, can't see what you're looking for here.
> My question was, how do I retrieve a java object, say Author, as a DOM
> element so it can be further processed by Cocoon. Should I use the
> Castor Marshaller instead?

If you're talking about simply rendering the object, not editing it, that
falls outside the scope of the wz-castor library. i can imagine a castor
object display logicsheet, similar to the sql logicsheet but working with
JDO objects instead. you could also fall back on straight sql. currently
i'm waiting on many-to-many support (and lazy loading) to be added to
castor before i can really begin actively using it. i plan on working on a
castor object display logicsheet once that's in place, but it may be a
little while. it shouldn't be a hard job, anyway, just provide a wrapper
for castor's marshaller.

- donald

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