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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: Order of execution of different namespace tags when using xsp?
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 17:10:06 GMT
On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> At 14:49 -0400 12/07/00, Donald Ball wrote:
> >i just struggled through this issue for a site of mine. it's not
> >immediately intuitive,
> I kept asking myself, why are they doing it like this ..... ?
> Gradually it became clear ...
> >but after a while you'll grok it.
> This is the key statement !
> I don't think I would have fully understood an explanation of what is going
> on with XSP, it took making a TagLib myself to really appreciated the
> remarkable but twisted logic of Richardo Rocha :)
> >honestly, this is the only thing that really worries me about XSP - some
> >things that you would think would be really simple are in fact subtly
> >tricky - never impossible, mind, just nonintuitive.
> And some of it is rather difficult to explain, why it does not work
> like so ...

I think the key to understanding is thus - the XSLT logicsheet
transformations occur before compile-time. all of the magic namespace
elements (request, sql, etc.) will be eventually be replaced by xsp
elements, which will then be transformed into java code, which is compiled
and executed. the trickiest bit is the xsp to java transformation - and
that's hard because java isn't an XML language (though it is, in some
sense, a tree).

per-page conditionals can be evaluated in XSLT. per-request conditionals
must be evaluated in java. if that makes any sense.

- donald

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