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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Advice on XML -> PNG Image creation
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 09:17:51 GMT
At 17:40 +0100 19/07/00, Hal Fossa wrote:
>I am looking for a tool/capability for (or experience of)
>converting XML (which is contained in my Cocoon documentation)
>into a graphical image representing a nice tree view for
>use the in resulting Cocoon pages.
>Ideally, this could be invoked as part of the Cocoon generation
>Has anyone (e.g. David Herring who raised this question six months
>ago) got anything to help me further?

Well, you can use SVG.

SVG is XML, so a StyleSheet could create the image from your XML content.

Either send the SVG straight to the client or have it converted to JPG or
PNG (never tried this bit, so can't tell you how it's done)

There is a trivial SVG example in the Samples of Cocoon 1.7.5-dev

Making a collapsible/expandable Tree View in SVG could be quite a challenge
however ......

hope this helps

regards Jeremy

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