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From "Aaron Prohaska" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon.xml
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 02:44:18 GMT
Hello Steve,

I must have done something wrong, when I browse to the address
http://hostname:port/Cocoon.xml I get a 404 file not found error. So besided
looking at the jakarta-tomcat error logs do you have any suggestions on how
to find the problem? I'll try to answer your question, but your probably
talking to the wrong person since I know so little about this :)


		<<:::..:::...::: Aaron Prohaska :::..:::...:::>>
VerdeSoft Internet Services

-----Original Message-----
From: Steve A Drake []
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2000 7:36 PM
To: Cocoon-Users (E-mail)
Subject: Re: Cocoon.xml

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Aaron Prohaska wrote:

> I just finished installing Cocoon and was going to run Cocoon.xml through
> the browser, but I don't seem to have it. Does anyone know where its
> supposed to be located in the download or where I might get a copy?

 Hey, I can answer that one. Cocoon.xml is not a file on disk. When you
invoke it as a URL, the Cocoon servlet, if properly configured, will serve
this virtual file from memory. Invoke it
as: http://{hostname}:{port}/Cocoon.xml, where {hostname} is the name of
your web server and {port} is the port it is running on (probably
8080). Maybe when you get it running you can answer my question about the
XSP examples.

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