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From "Aaron Prohaska" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon.xml
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 21:26:48 GMT
Micheal, what do you mean by having the tomcat properties file included in
apaches? I have tomcat.conf included already. I just tried including and it does work, apache gives me an error saying
'Configuration broken' after I include


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  From: Michael Quattlebaum []
  Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2000 10:20 AM
  Subject: RE: Cocoon.xml

  I've been able to get it working with other directory structures as long
as I put a conf/ in the web context directory.  For
example, if I have http://localhost/subdir/file.xml, as long as
/subdir/conf/ exists, it works fine.  Also, in order to
address your other issue on the port 8080 question, you must make sure that
Apache has the tomcat properties file included in its properties.  Then it
should work fine.  The only thing I haven't been able to get working is
using a Processor without putting 8080 on it.  I haven't investigated enough
to determine why.
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    From: Mike Engelhart []
    Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2000 2:48 PM
    Subject: RE: Cocoon.xml

    I actually had to put the file in the
    {TOMCAT_HOME}/webapps/ROOT directory. I don't know why, but that how it

    So how do I set Cocoon up so that I don't have to use the port? So I
    like to use the address http://localhost/Cocoon.xml instead of
    http://localhost:8080/Cocoon.xml. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

    I would also like to know how to change or add ROOT for different web

    thanks for the help, aside from this mailing list I have not been able
    find much help with this.


    These are Tomcat issues. Cocoon is just a servlet. But the answer lies
in your jakarta-tomcat/conf/server.xml file. This controls all of these. For
more questions on Tomcat, go to and look through
the FAQ. All these questions are answered there and in the mail archive.

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