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From Craig Berry <>
Subject Browser support woes
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 18:22:13 GMT
I'm using Cocoon within Jetspeed 1.2b1.  I am attempting
to make this system send the same generated html to all
browsers, rather than behaving differently for e.g. IE
and Netscape.  To do this, I am editing the browser.1-N
entries in  Unfortunately, the behavior
I am seeing is wildly erratic and (to me) inexplicable.
For example, with this in my


(and no other definitions) I would expect to see both IE
and Netscape browsers getting sent the same data; but instead
they are quite different (specifically, all Jetspeed's
portlet data is missing from the IE version).  What's more,
this isn't entirely consistent; I can't reproduce this now,
but for a while the behavior was backward (portlets worked
under IE but not Netscape.  I'm beginning to suspect some sort
of caching is playing games with me.

I'm at wit's end on this; it seems like it should be a simple
thing to make all browsers get the same HTML, but no such luck.
Anybody out there care to offer a clue, please?

Craig Berry - (310) 570-4140
Senior Software Engineer
1452 Second St
Santa Monica CA 90401

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