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From "Christofer Dutz" <>
Subject Problems with XSP ... im desperate ...
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 14:35:08 GMT

I'm sitting at a problem here for quite some time. What I want to do is create a XSL-file
( "page-xml.xsl" ) which simply adds login-information to the original page-tree and lets
the resulting document be rendered by another XSL-file ( "page-html.xsl" ). So far so good.
I've created my own Java-Library which contains all the classes I need for doing that.
At the moment my login information is simply an element called "user" which has the name of
the current user as content. This element is added if the user in logedin. If the user is
not logedin no element is added and the input and output data looks exactly the same ( except
for the stylesheet name ) ...
This works fine if I input a static XML-file to the stylesheet but if I want a XSP-page to
be processed by this stylesheet everything is stuffed.

This is wat my pages should do :
- page-html.xsl: this stylesheet displays a page indey around the real page content and at
th bottom of the index there is a link. If the user is loged on ( a user-element exists )
it is a link to my logout.xml-page. If no user-element exists th user is not loged on and
the link is a link to my logon.xml-page. ( This works fine )
- page-xml.xsl : here the original page is taken and some code is added for adding a user-element
if the user is loged on. For doing this I add the appropriate processing-instructions which
let the generated XSP-page be processed. ( This works fine )
- example for static page : my page text.xml simply contains a centance that says "everything
OK". It gets correctly rendered and looks good ( even the login/logout link stuff works fine
-example for dynmic page : my login-page displays a form in which the user should enter name
and password. This information is submitted to a pure logic XSP-Page processLogin.xml( the
only HTML it generates is a redirect ). My login-page also displays any errors ( which are
added to my session by processLogin ( "wrong password" ,"invalid user", ... ) ) For doing
this I added some Code for checking any error-messages in my session-object )  ( This works
fine aswell )

Everything works fine for itself and everything is fine for static pages but the dynamic stuff
screws up whe I put i together. 
When I open login.xml cocoon takes hours and quits with an SAX-exception. I dont get the thing
to work unless I comment out the library-include which is generated by page-xml.xsl Then login
opens. When i access the page again cocoon complains that the libs arend defined so i uncomment
the include again and now everything works. 
this works even if I delete the whole repository after every step.

What am I doing wrong ?

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