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From sudhi <>
Subject Re: Problems with XSP ... im desperate ...
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 14:56:55 GMT
If I understand correctly, u r using xsp in xml as well as xsl right ?
If yes, u can't do two xsp passes, (u can't use xsp in both xml or xsl)

Christofer Dutz wrote:
> - page-xml.xsl : here the original page is taken and some code is
> added for adding a user-element if the user is loged on. For doing
> this I add the appropriate processing-instructions which let the
> generated XSP-page be processed. ( This works fine )

> -example for dynmic page : my login-page displays a form in which the
> user should enter name and password. This information is submitted to
> a pure logic XSP-Page processLogin.xml( the only HTML it generates is
> a redirect ). My login-page also displays any errors ( which are added
> to my session by processLogin ( "wrong password" ,"invalid user", ...
> ) ) For doing this I added some Code for checking any error-messages
> in my session-object )  ( This works fine aswell )

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