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From Frédéric SCHWEBEL <>
Subject I need "disable-output-escaping" to work with IBM Techexplorer
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 13:22:13 GMT

I want to render MathML in "standard" browsers by using the IBM techexplorer
I have the MathML formulas in my xml doc :
      ... [some mathml]...

And I want to output this for use with Techexplorer using XSL :
<EMBED type="text/mathml" MMLDATA="<MATH>....</MATH>" />

I tried in many different ways, but there's no way to have Xalan (and saxon)
accept to output tags within an attribute value. And of course the plug-in
won't work with MMLDATA="&lt;MATH>...&lt;/MATH>"
I know I can put the MathML in a separate .mml file and output :
<EMBED type="text/mathml" src="equation.mml" />, it works, but I don't want
to have every math characters in a separate file, because it would be like
having them in images.

I think the "disable output escaping" would be the only way here, do you
have another solution ?

Thanks in advance !

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