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From Jürgen M. Eckel <>
Subject Re: How to create an em dash?
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 01:53:47 GMT
How to create an em dash?Hi,

> I'm converting an HTML/JSP page to XML/XSL.  In the HTML there is an "em
dash" character (basically a long
> dash).  To get the em dash character to output in my JSP I created an int
variable and assigned it the em dash >
> value of 150, then just output it.
> I tried using "&#150;" in XSL but I just get a "?" output.  Anyone have
any ideas?

Just try &#8211; for a short dash and &#8212; for a long dash (which is
probably what you want). This is, however not a Cocoon nor a real XSL
problem, try a good resource for HTML related questions. If you speak German
check out .

Jürgen M. Eckel
ikon GbR

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