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From Krzysztof ZieliƄski <>
Subject Increase util:include by cache DOM.
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 19:13:52 GMT

I use util:include-file tag to include whole xml or part  xml as DOM.
Util:include-file reads whole file and parse it each time when it's called.
I think it should be good to keep in memory (cache) parsed files and when
util:include-file id called check if source file has been changed.
It should increase util:include-file.

I have to write cache class for caching util:include-file.

I am not an expert in cocoon class structure and I don't wont to make
additional code. Are there in cocoon useful classes for this problem.
I looked at cocoon classes especially at XSPProcessor and
XSPProcessor$PageEntry. I don't how can I use or change those classes to
cache files as DOM.

Who can help me with cocoon API or may by in other project API?

Who have any suggestion?.

Krzysztof Zielinski
Web Application developer

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