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From "Bartlomiej Pater" <>
Subject Using output from XSP in XSL condition instructions
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 09:24:32 GMT
Hello everyone!

I've just encountered some trouble with usage of XSP and XSL together. The problem looks like

1. I've got some information in cookies [username, etc.]
2. On each of my pages I would like to check what exactly is stored in cookie and if i.e.
this user is allowed to access this particular page.
3. I retrive the cookies with XSP logic [simple java method], which later I can evaluate with

But how should I pass the output of <xsp:expr> to <xsl:when> ? [I'm using also
some tag attributes in this <xsl:choose> block].

If anyone knew the solution I'd be delighted to hear it, because amount of my ideas and nerves
is coming to an end.


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