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From Matt Smith <>
Subject RE: XSP Logic
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2000 10:31:39 GMT
In your stylesheet, you have used the declaration <xsl:stylesheet
xmlns:xsl="">.  This doesn't work with Cocoon
(but it does with IE5 - I had this same problem just 2 days ago!).  Use
<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=""
version="1.0"> instead (although IE5 doesn't seem to like this one...)

Matt Smith -
Technical Lead
Secure Interactive Pty Ltd

-----Original Message-----
From: kalyan inuganti []
Sent: Thursday, 9 November 2000 12:34 AM
Subject: XSP Logic

Hi all

I am trying to use XSP (Working on an Example from Brett McLaughlin Chapter
9)and I have an HTML file that calls an XML page for processing. The XML
has the logic, It checks if the user name and password entered in the HTML
fields are correct (validates against Hard Coded Stuff in the XML File) and
then lets the User to login.

But in my case, the XML page is being displayed no matter what is entered
the fields.

What is going wrong with the Code.

Please suggest if possible.

Thank you very much


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