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From Arnaud Vandyck <>
Subject HotSpot Virtual Crash! (Sun JDK1.3.0_01/Debian potato)
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 16:33:11 GMT
Hi all,

Sorry for this (stupid?) question (I've been reading this list for some
weeks and did not understand everything!). I've been running Cocoon 1.5
with JServ and Apache from the Debian "standard" package (potato), but
reading the list, I wanted to upgrade the whole configuration.

1) I installed the Sun jdk 1.3.0_01 and it seems to work well!
2) I installed Apache (the .deb from potato)
3) I installed mod_jserv (the one that come with Tomcat)
4) I installed Tomcat 3.1 and it work well

After these steps, the "classical" http://localhost/examples/jsp (and
servlets) work very well

5) I installed Cocoon 1.8 and tried to configure with the documentation
(but the chapter 9 of Java and XML from O'Reilly - I saw the link in
this mailing list - seems to give an other way to setup)

... and then, when trying to reach http://localhost/cocoon/Cocoon.xml...

# HotSpot Virtual Machine Error, Unexpected Signal 11
# Please report this error at
# Error ID: 4F533F4C494E55580E43505005BC
# Problematic Thread: prio=1 tid=0x804e800 nid=0xed7 runnable

Is it my configuration? (I think so but what's the problem? where do I
have to look at?)

Arnaud (icq:48119561)

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