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From Markus Wagner <>
Subject xml site organization: how to make it growable?
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 22:56:10 GMT

I have defined a web site with one menu and a lot of pages as follows:

<web name="MyWeb">

  <group name="About me">
   <item id="1" name="My Interests"/>
   <item id="2" name="My Bookmarks"/>
  <group name="...">

 <page id="1" name="My Interests">

 <page id="2" name="My Bookmarks">


Assume this code in a file called "myweb.xml".

I then use parameters to select the actual page to be displayed, e. g.

Within my xsl stylesheet I use this parameter to select one page from
the set of defined pages:

<xsl:apply-templates select="page[@id=$id]"/>

This all works fine, but when I have many pages, the organization gets
inefficient. I do not want to keep all page elements in one file. So I
have to declare them as external entities at the beginning and I have to
reference them within the web element.

Isn't it possible to include an external xml file with one single
statement, textually?


How can I minimize my work when adding or changing my pages?

Many thanks,


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