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From "Andres Olave" <>
Subject RE: creating multiple documents:
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 00:53:30 GMT
hello markus,

i actually do understand xinclude's abilities for including multiple files
into one.  The problem im having is to create multiple documents from the
one xml file as I outlined in my question.  Only the last step requires the
use of xinclude, but this is possibly problematic because the files are
created dynamically (and presumably in seperate threads)


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From: Markus Spiekermann []
Sent: Monday, 30 October 2000 9:37 PM
Subject: Re: creating multiple documents:

Hi Adres,

of course is this possible with Cocoon. Read FAQ and take a look at the
documentation e.g. XINCLUDE for including one file into an other (there are
several ways to do this)...


Andres Olave wrote:

> Dear users,
> I was wondering if it was possible (and if so, how easy it is) to create
> multiple documents from
> one xml file using Cocoon.  Then I would like to recomposite these
> into a single file, whether html or
> wml
> For example if i had a xml document such as
> <page>
>         <book name="Charlie's Devils" year="1978">
>                 <author name="Bob Jennings">
>                         <info dob="02/03/69"/>
>                         <info pob="USA"/>
>                 </author>
>         </book>
>         <book name="Famous Castles" year="1984">
>                 <author name="Kieren Chambers">
>                         <info dob="10/10/62"/>
>                         <info pob="England"/>
>                 </author>
>         </book>
> </page>
> Is it possible to make a: books page (eg.books.?ml) and two author pages
> (author1.?ml, author2.?ml); One each for the respective fictional authors
> described above? Finally, what I'd be looking to do is combine these 3
> documents into one.  eg. by using frames or cards in html, wml
> There seems to be a number of ways that could possible get me this sort of
> functionality but i havent found any
>  comprehensive documentation on the topic.  any help is much appreciated
> Andres
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