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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Install,XSP,Normalize()V Problem
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 16:13:27 GMT
LUN <> wrote:
>Dear Support and all,
>basic XML page work , XSP do not work
>" NormalizeV()", famous CLASSPATH priority, DOM2 problem
>This error happen when I upgrade from 1.7.4 from 1,8
>My config
>WINNT 4.0 workstation
>IBM Websphere web server (core is Apache)
>Java sun jdk1.2.2_006
>Tomcat 3.1
>Cocoon 1.8
>* with MSXML parser installed

You may have to uninstall that from the CLASSPATH. Also Websphere might have 
its own parser. That's the only thing I can think of.

>* with Sun parser , but not using as not included in CLASSPATH
>Below is some part of the tomcat.bat
>set cp=%CLASSPATH%
>set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%JAVA_HOME%\lib\tools.jar
>set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\xerces_1_2.jar
>set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\xalan_1_2_D02.jar
>set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\fop_0_13_0.jar
>set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\turbine-pool.jar
>set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\servlet_2_2.jar
>set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\stylebook-1.0-b2.jar
>set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\ant_1_1.jar
>set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\servlet.jar
>set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\webserver.jar

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