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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Testers Wanted for 1.8.1-dev (new caching, esql, etc.)
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 01:52:35 GMT
Just committed a big change (well, big in cocoon 1 terms!) to the caching 
system. It would be great if some other people could check out the latest 
version from CVS and test it out on their real world xml and xsp pages. A 
new caching documentation page is also up on the website - this documents 
the latest CVS version, not 1.8. Also, there have been a lot of changes 
since 1.8, as well, it's been 2 months - so let's call this the 1.8.1 
testing period.

We're looking to release 1.8.1 soon. The main obstacles now are:

* Getting esql finalised and documented. This will officially supercede the 
sql taglib and processor, but they will both still be available - at least 
in Cocoon 1.x.

* Looking into the FOP problem

And the redirect problem is known about and will be fixed in 1.8.1 as well. 
As soon as I get round to it. God, my pile of patches/versions is getting 
ridiculous. I've had a fixed version for months, just need to merge it in.

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