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From "Maximilian Rehm" <>
Subject Site Design Issues
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 16:14:53 GMT
Hi everybody,

I am in the process of outlining a site that will be built using XML/XSL/XSP
technologies and have come across several issues that I need some
clarification on.

1) I am trying to seperate navigation and other general site issues (e.g.
links to other sites) from the actual content of the page.  I am wondering
how to best go about doing all this.  Do you write seperate XSL stylesheets
(one for navigation, one for links to other sites etc.) in which you
hardcode this info and then include these seperate stylesheets in a master
style sheet that is called by content.xml?   Or is there a way to apply one
master stylesheet to a series of XML files (one for navigation, one for
links to other sites and one for content)?  Or is there some other way that
I am missing?

2)  How many stylesheets does one typically have for one site.  Obviously
you would have different stylesheets for different media, but what about a
page that displays text and another page that displays a form?  Would you
once again try to import stylesheets into a master stylesheet or would you
do some sort of IF THEN ELSE processing in an XSP sheet that determines the
eventual layout for the content area based on some input parameter?

Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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