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From Marcus Crafter <>
Subject Re: Problems installing Cocoon2
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 15:17:15 GMT
Hi Joern,

On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, Joern Gersdorf wrote:

>      63.   private List wildcardMatch (pattern, Map objectModel) {
>                                                   <>
>            *** Syntax: . expected instead of this token
>       67.   private List regexpMatch (pattern, Map objectModel) {
>                                                  <>
>            *** Syntax: . expected instead of this token
>       74.   private boolean browserSelect (pattern, Map objectModel) {
>                                                       <>        
>            *** Syntax: . expected instead of this token

	This problem is related to your classpath. Cocoon 2 generates and
	compiles the sitemap at runtime, and the call to the compiler needs to
	be able to find the cocoon jar file.

	This line:

>      63.   private List wildcardMatch (pattern, Map objectModel) {

	is missing the wildcardMatch pattern type, which is causing your
	compiler error. This type is returned as a string from a call to the
	wildcardMatcher class (generateParameterSource) *as* the sitemap is

	Now how to fix this. Firstly, I haven't heard of anyone using Cocoon
	2 under Tomcat 3.1 (if there are people, perhaps they might be better
	to advise a Tomcat 3.1 solution). I would upgrade to Tomcat 3.2bX or
	Tomcat 4.0mX. Tomcat 3.2 meant to be officially released in the next
	few days anyway, so IMHO I don't see any reason to stick with
	3.1 (others may have their reasons).

	If you must stick with Tomcat 3.1 have a look at the file

	There are 2 lines:

	this.classpath = (String) context.getAttribute(Cocoon.CATALINA_SERVLET_CLASSPATH);


	this.classpath = (String) context.getAttribute(Cocoon.TOMCAT_SERVLET_CLASSPATH);

	These lines set the classpath which is used by the call to the javac

	Check that these are being set (print them out with some logging
	code). My bet is that they're not - Tomcat 3.1 might not support
	those attributes. If this is the case you'll have to change this code
	to set the classpath to what you want.
	For example, if you set the CLASSPATH environment with all of the jars,
	then get java.class.path out of the system properties object and use

	Now, it's a workaround, and there may be other Tomcat 3.1 problems
	after you fix this problem - hence why it's probably better to move on
	to T3.2 or T4.

	Hope this helps,



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