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From "Amit Kaushik" <>
Subject Common Question(Debate)
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 06:21:50 GMT
Hi Everybody,

I think this would be the common question for every XML user and Developer.I want to know
that how XML is usefull in our everyday life.What type of applications we can develope with
the help of XML.I want some new information regarding this i don't want the common answer

XMl allows you to create custom languages (technically called vocabularies) for particular
applications, which can be anything from a Web page to an e-commerce interface to a game to
a complete virtual world..................What does it mean?Can't we made this without XML?

Why is this usefull i mean to say if i wanna store content then why should i use XML i think
some database is more suitable to do this or we should say that XML is also doing that we
store data in XML elements that is nothing but a replication of field name in that database.

I think XML is a hype created by big companies.It could be a good point for a debate and i
like if everybody share his/her thoughts to explain what is an XML , how can we incorporate
it in to our application and can't we think about anything without XML?

Please share your thoughts.

Thanks & Regards
Amit Kaushik

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