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Subject RE: How to create Tags in Java and use them in xsl?
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 11:56:21 GMT
Sorry, if I go onto your nerves,
but I've read the FAQ, but it doesn't work. E.g. the advice to use
<util:include-expr expr="mymethod()"/> to use Java-created xml-tags didn't
work - I just get &lt;tag&gt; ..... (I use cocoon version 1.7.4). Did I make
anything wrong?

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From: Robin Green []
Sent: Freitag, 8. Dezember 2000 15:47
Subject: Re: How to create Tags in Java and use them in xsl? wrote:
>I've got some Questions concerning cocoon:
>1. How can I create a taglib with XML/Java?

Look at samples/xsp/clean-page.xml. That uses a taglib. See also the mail 
archives for some guides. It's on the todo list to include a guide to 
taglibs in the documentation.

>2. Is it possible to create tags in a Java-Funktion (jar-file) and then use
>this tags in an xsl-file? My first trial was to return a string
>("<tag1>value</tag1>") but it didn't work because the tags were not
>interpreted in the next layer.

>(For better understanding: I created a 3-layerd XML-Architecture: 
>2.XSP-file 3.XSL-to-html file. Now I want to create dynamically tags in the
>2nd layer within a Java-Function which shoul be interpreted in the last
>layer. How can I do so?)

This is explained in the FAQ.

>3.Is it possible to have 2 processing (xsp) layers?

No - not yet. Although, when I say "not yet", please understand that it 
would be crazily inefficient to do so, so I am certainly not recommending 
it. You need to do all your XSP processing in one "layer". Logicsheets can 

>4. How to use cocoon created pdf-files with IE?

*Sigh*. There is a bug in Acrobat and/or Internet Explorer 5.x, this has 
very little to do with Cocoon. There is also a Cocoon/IE4 issue which IS 
solvable - see the FAQ. This has been gone over and over and over again in 
the mailing list and I'm personally sick of it.

Next time please RTFAQ, it really is useful!

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