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From "Scott Jones" <>
Subject Re: [C1] Fop 0.15 support
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 18:29:34 GMT
> Great! The cvs version now supports 0.15 as I said.

Wow, awesome!  I'd be willing to help out getting the FOP examples working
as well.

> but it might take quite a bit of time, because I'd have to do it
> >while upgrading my own files and learning the new spec. Perhaps it's not
> >as much work as I think, but they did change a number of elementary
> >concepts.

The "More complex FO + SVG Example" is the "" document included
with FOP, so that should already be ported to FOP 0.15.  I think that the
other two Cocoon-specific examples are pretty simple, so we should be able
to get them going pretty fast...  My own upgrades to be able to use FOP 0.15
for my application include only one XSL document, so it *shouldn't* be too
tough to get going either...

I'll try to get the new Cocoon from CVS and see if I can't help out!



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