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From Roman Zamorski <>
Subject Re: Postgresql driver - esq
Date Sat, 30 Dec 2000 12:11:37 GMT
Hello Jed,

Saturday, December 30, 2000, 1:02:42 PM, you wrote:

JK> Hello, all,

JK> I'm trying to get the esql sample (samples/esql.xml) working on my
JK> system (Debian Linux, Apache,Jserv, Cocoon 1.8, Postgresql database).  I
JK> edited the sample file to point to my local Postgresql database. Here
JK> are the relevant xml lines:
JK> <esql:execute-query>
JK> <esql:driver>posgresql.Driver</sql:driver>
JK> <esql:dburl>jdbc:postgresql://localhost/addresses</esql:dburl>
JK> etc...

JK> It complains that it can't find the postgresql driver: 
JK> <<postgresql.Driverjava.lang.ClassNotFoundException: postgresql.Driver
JK> at java.lang.ClassNotFoundException.<init>(Compiled Code) at

that's an easy mistake and has already been addressed on the list: the
correct name of the driver is "org.postgresql.Driver" not
"postgresql.Driver". change it and it'll [hopefully ;)] work.

on the other hand I have different kind of problem with postgresql
driver which I hope someone has already fixed. in simple terms I
cannot use "table.field" syntax in <esql:get-* column="table.field"/>
as I get an error "unknown field: 'table.field' blah blah".
when I use "table.field AS TF1" and then <esql:get-int column="TF1"/>
it magically works... ideas anyone?

Best regards,

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