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From Anthony Ikeda <>
Subject RE: READ: IE and PDF solved
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 21:42:45 GMT
I find that IE5.5 has many problems when running web applications. For
example, setting error pages at the application level (web.xml -
<error-page>...</error-page>) does not work. IE5.5 seems to use it's own
error codes and does not display the page that is designated to each error.

IE4 and Netscape have no problems. I also have similar problems displaying
certain transformed XML docs as IE5.5 cannot read the html source code
properly with a document having an XML extension. I'm not sure if this is
happening to everyone as I have tried to install the latest version of IE
XML parser (which has not improved the functionality at all).

If anyone else has this problem or a solution it would be appreciated.

Anthony Ikeda, 
Web Application Developer, 
Proxima Technology, 
Level 13, 
181 Miller Street, 
North Sydney 

PH: +612-9458-1718 
Mob: 041 624 5143 
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From: Berman, Andrew []
Sent: Thursday, 7 December 2000 1:01 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: READ: IE and PDF solved


    Putting the .pdf extension on the file doesn't work either.  IE 5.5 will
not display the PDF when you do this.  I tried this, and I got the same
result as usual.  

    I think it is a solution to turn off Web Browser integration with
Acrobat.  The reason being that the problem also occurs with Netscape 6.
The problem really lies with the Acrobat Plug-in.  So, what is the solution,
just turn it off.  It is not really a workaround, since the plug-in doesn't
work with the newer browsers anyway.

    Again, we should try to build in the Content-Length header when doing
dynamic PDFs and see if that perhaps helps with the situation. 
Andrew Berman 
Senior Web Developer 

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From: Mauro Canal []
Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 8:58 AM
Subject: RE: READ: IE and PDF solved

Hello Andrew 

I don't think this is a solution - it's just a work around. This means to
disable the Acrobat Plug-In and use the
Acrobat Reader like an other Application (restarting for every PDF).

The only solution that works, is to let IE assume it really get a PDF-File
by appending foo.pdf as path.
e. g. /servlet/YourServlet/foo.pdf?arg1=a&arg2=b (foo.pdf can also be named
justforie.pdf .....)

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