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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: dynamic image creation for navbar
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 14:41:51 GMT (damien leri) wrote:
>any recommendations for where to manage the creation of navbar images? i 
>don't want to put the java code in an xsp for fear of a recompile

XSP code doesn't recompile unless you change the source.

>or even a recreation of images that don't require updating; ie the navbar 
>doesn't change much?

See which shows how you can cache 
the results of XSP pages.

However this only applies to Cocoon 1.8.1-dev in CVS, not Cocoon 1.8

>i wonder how the cocoon site handles this.

:-) The Cocoon site doesn't run Cocoon, it is statically generated offline 
by Stylebook (which will be obsoleted by Cocoon 2).

>could use a separate java utility program to make the images when they need 
>to be updated (say, when the color scheme grows mundane)... but i thought 
>maybe cocoon has something im missing.

It depends. Personally I would go for the Java utility.

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