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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: symbolic links and included xml files...
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 14:35:43 GMT
There is an ambiguity on what .. should mean for a symbolic link. Even in 
the standard, highly-POSIX-compliant GNU toolset, bash interprets it 
differently to many other tools! Could someone give an authoratitive, 
referenced answer as to which is the correct behaviour? wrote:
>I'm having a problem with symbolically linked files that have included
>files within them. Basically, they are pulling the included file from the
>original directory, not the linked directory (even though the include
>reference is a relative path).
>Here's the detailed situation....
>consider the following directory structure:
>         dir1/subdir1/file1.xsp
>         dir1/nav.xsp
>         dir2/subdir2/file1.xsp   ("file1.xsp" is a symbolic link to the
>one in "/dir1/subdir1")  file1.xsp -> ../../dir1/subdir1/file1.xsp
>         dir2/nav.xsp      (this is a different file from dir1/nav.xsp)
>file1.xsp contains an included xsp file:
>                         <util:include-file name="../nav.xsp"/>   <== a 
>relative directory reference
>When I process the symbolically linked file "dir2/subdir2/file1.xsp", it
>pulls the nav.xsp from dir1, not dir2 (even though the reference to the
>included nav.xsp in file1.xsp is relative).
>Shouldn't the "/dir2/subdir2/file1.xsp" file be referencing the
>"/dir2/nav.xsp" file, not the "/dir1/nav.xsp" file??
>I'm basically trying to avoid duplicating "file1.xsp", while  maintaining
>a unique included-file "nav.xsp".
>I've tried this with static html, and the reference works correctly with
>symbolic links. It seems to be arising only with the xsp files processed
>by cocoon.
>Any insight, or resolution on how to accomplish this would be greatly

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