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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Transforming HTML to PDF with FO
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 11:00:19 GMT
Ludovic Maitre <> wrote:
>I try to apply a FO stylesheet to "basic" html files (with a HTML
>Doctype and a HTML structure validated by Tidy/who is conformant to W3C
>recommandation) in the idea to provide to my users clean and printer
>friendly docs.

Cocoon DOESN'T SUPPORT THIS, unless the html file is valid XHTML. Cocoon is 
an XML processor, not a general purpose HTML processor.

>But for the moment i couldn't include the HTML docs, either with XSP

getfilecontent is for non-xml files only. You should use util:include-file 
instead. Or just put processing instructions in the xml files directly.

>or Xinclude. It appears that the HTML is parse before
>included in the document and the <> are escaped and finally that the
>structure of the document couldn't be use by my stylesheet.

That's because it was treated as non-XML content.

>I know that
>this is the correct behavior for XSP and Xinclude but my question is :
>I must write a new processor (wich for exemple include the HTML Document
>but without his Doctype tag (who seems to make problem when applying my
>XSL) in a XML file ) or is it an already existing solution ?
>I have already read the f.. manual and i have read a lot of mail who
>speak about the subject but no one give me the solution.

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