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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: xsp handling java result sets
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 19:41:46 GMT
"Brendan Corcoran" <> wrote:
>I want to know the "most logical" way to include dynamically changing 
>sets in Cocoon.
>We have Cocoon calling a CORBA component which returns a java.sql.ResultSet
>which contains a dynamic number of rows and columns.  I want to "separate"
>the programming complexities into namespace tags in order to clean up the
>source xml and xsl files.
>However, how do I handle dynamically changing result sets in an xml file
>when I don't want to have any <xsp:logic> elements within the <page> 
>of the source xml file, or in the xsl file that handles the html markup?
>Only want <xsp:logic> in the tag library definitions to fully separate
>logic, content etc....
>I defined a namespace tag that returned an xml string containing my result
>set to the xml file, however this wasn't interpreted correctly in the xsl
>transform, and it doesn't seem to be the "correct" way to do it.

Next time please check the FAQ first!

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