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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: I can't display Japanese rightly
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 13:31:30 GMT
Kazuhiro Sakai <> wrote:
>My cocoon works fine with Shift JIS encoding. I'm using the Cocoon 1.8
>release, Tomcat 3.1, JDK1.1.8 on FreeBSD 4.1.

Yes but I think the problem here is esql. I've just patched the esql 
logichsheet to support multiple encodings. I haven't tested it though.

To use it, just add an encoding attribute to esql:get-string, or 
esql:get-xml, or esql:get-columns. The attribute only applies to the tag it 
is added to, so if you have more than one of those tags, you need to specify 
the encoding multiple times. This is to allow complete flexibility so you 
can store multiple encodings in the same table.

(Could someone who knows XML Schema update samples/esql.xsd please?)

>If you are using XSP, I guess you need an encoding attribute in <xsp:page> 
>For example:
><xsp:page language="java" encoding="Shift_JIS"

There is no such attribute. Perhaps you are thinking of the XSP encoding 
setting in

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