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Subject symbolic links and included xml files...
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 03:01:10 GMT
I'm having a problem with symbolically linked files that have included 
files within them. Basically, they are pulling the included file from the 
original directory, not the linked directory (even though the include 
reference is a relative path).

Here's the detailed situation....

consider the following directory structure:


        dir2/subdir2/file1.xsp   ("file1.xsp" is a symbolic link to the 
one in "/dir1/subdir1")  file1.xsp -> ../../dir1/subdir1/file1.xsp
        dir2/nav.xsp      (this is a different file from dir1/nav.xsp)

file1.xsp contains an included xsp file:

                        <util:include-file name="../nav.xsp"/>   <== a relative directory

When I process the symbolically linked file "dir2/subdir2/file1.xsp", it 
pulls the nav.xsp from dir1, not dir2 (even though the reference to the 
included nav.xsp in file1.xsp is relative).

Shouldn't the "/dir2/subdir2/file1.xsp" file be referencing the 
"/dir2/nav.xsp" file, not the "/dir1/nav.xsp" file??

I'm basically trying to avoid duplicating "file1.xsp", while  maintaining 
a unique included-file "nav.xsp".

I've tried this with static html, and the reference works correctly with 
symbolic links. It seems to be arising only with the xsp files processed 
by cocoon.
Any insight, or resolution on how to accomplish this would be greatly 


Anthony Ettinger
Sr. Web Developer
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