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From EEAltend...@thoughtworks.COM
Subject RE: WLS 5.1.0 and Cocoon Problems
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 20:10:02 GMT

There are many ways you can set up cocoon in weblogic (unfortunately or

You can set it up as a web app running in its own context, so that
works, or you can set it up as the default servlet, so

You probably can set it up to live somewhere else, or to co-exist with
other servlets and process only .xml or .xsp files...but I don't know.

Additionally, there are multiple ways you can set up classpaths...

I think the short answer is that you simply need to know weblogic really
well to install cocoon on weblogic.  Unfortunately while I know weblogic
well enough that I got it set up on my machine (in a couple of different
ways at different times) I don't know it well enough to be responsible for
trying to figure out what I did and write documents so others can replicate
it........  :-(


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"Jamie Mascherino" <> wrote:
>The Web.xml file is an absolute path. I know people have had problems in
>some cases putting in a relative one.

I don't understand. Where is the absolute path to web.xml specified? Please


I am responsible for maintaining the cocoon 1 docs so I need to know a
installation procedure.

What is frustrating is that there seems to be so many valid ways - and
time someone submits a set of installation instructions they seem to pay no

attention to what is already there in the docs, in terms of consistency! So

it ends up a confusing mess.

Also please confirm that these instructions are for WLS 5.1.0 not some
version. There have been three different answers so far, and I want to make

sure that one of them is for 5.1.0 before I update the documentation!

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