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From Benjamin Dixon <>
Subject XSP -> XSL or XML?
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 18:57:09 GMT

Quick question,

I have an XSP that currently selects thing from the database dependent on
what the user wants to see. I then send the data through an XSL stylesheet
for their platform... all that works fine. But some of my clients are
gonna want just the pure XML with no styling... in particular, I want to
make this content available to macromedia flash via its XMLSocket
interface. Is it possible to selectively style or not style content from
an XSP? And if so, what steps should I take to do this? If thats not the
case, I suspect I could send it through to another stylesheet that simply
copies the XML to output but the, how can I detect a flash user-agent so
I'll know how to send the data?



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