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From Allan Bowhill <>
Subject XSP static page caching?
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 22:03:46 GMT

I have been working on the attached item for a week now, and 
have encountered serious problems with XSP and caching of static 

If several different CGI queries with different parameters 
are passed at about the same time to the a single XML source 
file with embedded XSP logic, the static content seems not to 
be rebuilt for anything but the first query that is processed.

Oddly enough, the dynamic content appears to work fine all around, 
and when tested (with a function to return time/date), responds 
properly to each query, giving a different time. 

The problem is best illustrated if you view frames.html from 
the attached examples. Different menus should be displayed
in each of three frames. However, only the first menu displays
in all three. The XSP logic works fine.

To get the application to behave correctly, remove all references 
to XSP (xsp process type, xsp:page, xsp:logic, xsp:attribute from 
vadmin.xml). If this is done, the page caching problem dissappears.

(If you see DCP in there, it's becuase I used it to make this problem 
go away.)

If I have done something to evoke this problem in my code (the most
likely scenario), can anyone give me a hint as to what I am doing wrong? 
I would appreciate feedback on this, and thank you in advance for 
your help.

--Allan Bowhill

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