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From "Sean" <>
Subject Problem with xslt, xinclude, and pipelining
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 02:17:23 GMT
I am having a problem that I would like some help with.  I have an XML document, call it A
and I want to have it run through multiple style transformations.  

A -> S1 -> S2 -> S3

In style one (S1) I have an xincude that I perform, in S2 I have some XSP that I add, and
in S3 I output html as a result of the XML and the included files.  

So here is the question, I am getting lost on when to use the <?cocoon-process ... ?>
command and when to use the <xsl:processing-instruction name="cocoon-process"> ... </xsl:processing-instruction>
command.  When should each of these be used?

I have attached the A (send.xml) S1 (main-include.xsl) and S2 (main-xsp.xsl).  Maybe someone
can shine some light on what I am doing wrong.  Basically, the xinclude is NOT occuring and
when it gets to the S3 the file I expect to have been included is not there.  Am I correct
in assuming that after S1 executes that S2 should have access to the included data?  Also,
would it be more optimal to move S1 after S2 since S2 compiles down to Java objects and the
larger it is the slower it may be?

Can someone help?  If I am going about this wrong please let me know ... this is the only
way I can think of how to pipeline.


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