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From Drasko Kokic <>
Subject RE: [C1.8.2] xinclude after xsp not working
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 09:37:13 GMT
Yeah sure ... I am not trying to produce a solution by
XInclud(e)-ing and than XSP-ing ... it was just a
reply to Kirk's question if XInclude works being
called before XSP.

Also I have to admit that I am NOT getting error
related to 64kB boundary ... the XInclude simply
doesn't work for me ANYMORE (since 1.8.2)  Just to be
sure that I am not dreaming I am now trying step by
step to find what is going on.  Till now I have found:

NPE at the if I just
specify     <include xinclude:parse="xml"
xinclude:href="konto-demo.xml" />

I have noticed that in the
around this place there is dubious code block:

	Document included_document = null;
	try {
		included_document = parser.parse(input,false);
	} catch (Exception e) { }

I suspect that the included_document variable remains
null for some reason and the errors/exceptions remain
unnoticed :-(

Has anybody got a simple XInclude code working (from
the local file with or without XPath part) ?!
How could I use the logger object to debug this code?


--- Donald Ball <> wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Drasko Kokic wrote:
> > If I exchange the PI for the XSP and XInclude than
> I
> > get error saying that the generated code is out of
> > 64kB boundary (meaning it has to many XML nodes to
> > wrap into the Java code => XInclude works)
> you _absolutely_ want the xinclude coming _after_
> xsp if you can help it,
> if you're up against the 64k barrier.
> - donald
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> answered in the
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