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From "Nadine Carlton" <>
Subject Re: logicsheet install problem
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 19:20:11 GMT

>> is the jar file in the same classpath as cocoon? afaik, the same
>> classloader that loaded cocoon is used to load resources via the resource
>> protocol, so if one is in your system classpath and one in a servlet zone
>> repository classpath, for instance, you'll probably have trouble.
>Yes, it is.
>I load either cocoon.jar (and other Cocoon jars) or my own jar from the
>startup script of Tomcat.
>I use the system CLASSPATH for both.

I've put my jar in the Tomcat library directory as the basic install
instructions outlined for the Cocoon libraries.  I did a couple of
renames too, in case it was an order dependency.  Both are in
the Tomcat CLASSPATH.

You lost me on the servlet zone repository CLASSPATH comment
though, Donald.  I thought all of that was redone with Tomcat's
virtual hosting.  I certainly don't have a file anymore.

Could one of you back up and explain the difference between
a resource:// and file:/// type of URL in the Cocoon servlet?
Mentioning zones makes me worry about the security implications
of this.  If resources are more trusted, user logicsheets using
file:/// makes alot of sense.  If the classloader doesn't distinguish
them on that, the intended difference is...what?

>I heard that there were some bug in Sun's JDK with handling JAR URLs.
>Maybe that's the problem?

It's possible, but the other logicsheets like esql are working for me.

>> - donald

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