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From Eduardo Yánez <>
Subject Re: Unicode characters
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 13:40:25 GMT
> Hi,
Hi Werner

> I am just about to change encoding for some XSP
> pages, too, as I need to
> support Janapese clients as well. 
Do you need to support two encodings (western european
& japanese) at the same time?. 

Honestly i don't know how to do that, in XML i have
only one entry for the encoding in the XML file's
prolog <?xml ...?> and in cocoon i only know about one
place and one encoding in the file. 

> # This encoding should also be used in:
> #   - The XSP document <?xml?> declaration
> #   - The "encoding" configuration property of the
> formatter to be used
> # Example: Russian uses "Cp1251"
> processor.xsp.encoding = UTF-8
The file says that this is the
"default encondig", may be we can chage this in a

> and my documents now start with
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"/>
> Bounced Tomcat, reloaded my application, and then I
> looked at the output
> of a sample page where I show the character encoding
> of the page via the
> <response:get-character-encoding /> element. To my
> surprise, it still
> shows 8859_1 which afair is the Western European
> encoding. Any idea what's going wrong?
Did you remove the cocoon cache where all the cocoon
producers are stored?. Remove the cache in order to
force cocoon to generate the producers again, i don't
know but its possible that the old .class files were
being executed?.

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