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From simone cecchini <>
Subject Re: probs with custom logicsheets
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 07:59:26 GMT
hello Jon,

Thursday, March 01, 2001, 15:50:08, you wrote:

JB> Hi all :-)

JB> I've been working on this project in cocoon (1.8.2 on tomcat 1.3.xx/mod_jk
JB> on RH 6.1) and would like to add custom logicsheets under a 'sqlutil'
JB> namespace.  I've successfully created the sheet, added the namespace,
JB> changed, etc...just like previous suggestions on the list.
JB> Unfortunately, when I access my logic sheet with a tag, it generates this
JB> error, even though all i'm doing is setting an <xsl:variable> as a test
JB> (code follows)...

JB> any help would be appreciated! :-)

JB> jb

JB> <sqlutil:sql-from-request pool="default"/>

JB> <xsl:stylesheet
JB>     xmlns:xsl=""
JB>     xmlns:xsp=""
JB>     xmlns:sqlutil=""
JB>     version="1.0"

JB>     <xsl:template match="sqlutil:sql-from-request">
JB>         <xsl:variable name="pool">"<xsl:value-of
JB>     </xsl:template>

JB> </xsl:stylesheet>

does this mean that you have a the <sqlutil:sql-from-request pool="default"/> in your
xml page, and the following is your stylesheet?
you can not put anything before (better: out of) the xsl:stylesheet tag.

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