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From "Tapan Nanawati" <>
Subject RE: Question about mod_actions.dll in windows
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 21:18:55 GMT
Although Apache is newly supported on Windows (even on NT) I am not sure  if
it will run on Win-98 very well. But even if it is installed, its great.
The "" file is for solaris platforms and you dont need to do
anything about this on Win systems (atleast on NT). We also wasted a lot of
time without reading the installation instructions carefuly. In fact we
thought on the same lines that you are thinking.
Suggestion: read cocoon/install.htm carefully.
Tapan Nanawati
91-11-6685274 (o)
91-98112-98982 (m)
New Delhi - INDIA
God is real, unless declared integer.

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  From: Marcela Callejas []
  Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 7:45 PM
  Subject: Question about mod_actions.dll in windows

  Hi all,

  I am tring to install cocoon server on Windows 98. In the install proccess
  i am required to load, in the apache http.conf  file, the module
  As i am working on windows, i guess that i shall include a dll
  named: mod_actions.dll. Any ideas how to get this idl ? do i have to
compile it
  with the source provided in the apache source modules(mod_actions.c)?
  Have somebody already compiled it, and can provide me this dll?. or how
can i
  resolve this problem?

  Thanks in advice

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