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From Xavier MACHENAUD <>
Subject advices on XML architecture
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 07:29:53 GMT

I'm in the process of designing an XML based application and I'm running
into the following problem.

I want to separate the Presentation layer (XML server) and the Business
Logic layer (servlet/cgi/...) by using XML : the presentation layer is
querying the business logic (BL) layer which is returning XML data.
Of course, I don't want my BL layer to do any output formatting.

+-----+ get/post  +-----+    query    +-----+
|user | --------> |     | ----------> |     |
|agent|           |Pres.|             | BL  |
|     | <-------  |layer| <---------- |layer|
+-----+  html     +-----+     XML     +-----+
         pdf      Xml Server         Servlet/cgi/...

I also like to be able to pass on the authentication information and to
add a load-balancing mechanism later on in front of the BL.

That's why I was thinking of a way to do an HTTP request from the XML
server, do get to a sort of servlet chaining.
Am I going to a wrong way thinking that?

If not, how can I do servlet chaining from the XML server?
Should I implement a tag library that will allow me to do servlet
chaining? (or to make and XML-RPC/SOAP call if my BL server is an
XML-RPC/SOAP service).

If I'm completely wrong, what should I do?


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