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From "Tony" <>
Subject RE: XSP: caching?
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 17:51:54 GMT

> 2. I found that only the first page I loaded after Cocooon
> startup was ever
> cached, which wasn't much help.

I agree and I think it is a severe bug of 1.8.2...

I tried to track it down with just my "one month java experience" and
without debugger. But I had some very good Brazilan coffee to help thus...

It in, it seems to me there is a mess up between
sheetMonitor and requestMonitor in the getSylesheet function (See the code

This is just a workaround to fulfill my needs and dosen't have any other
pretentions, since I haven't any precise info regarding the cocoon caching
design.  The only problem I noticied after this change is that any
modification done in any Stylesheet or logicsheet won't be seen until you
force it making the hasChanged(object) function to return true in your XSP

But I haven't got anymore spare time for this.

I attached the modified class code for those willing to recompile.

> So I'm not sure if this is un-necessary in later 1.8.3 versions.

Same for me.


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