Thanks Berin,
All hope is not lost!
Regarding validation - As the files have been created with a DTD-aware tool, I don't want Server validation to occur anyway as all I've done is copy them from one place to another.

Will entities still be create OK?

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> Mark Owens wrote:
> Hi,
> Using C2/Tomcat4/Xalan_2_0_1/Xerces_1_3_1/Linux. (The mail archives are currently down)
> I'm not sure if this is a nonsense question but is there any way I can get a dtd location mapped via the sitemap?
> I'm comitting files created under Windows (using XMetaL) to CVS on my Server. From there, they are loaded into my Tomcat/cocoon

> webapp space.
> Trouble is, the dtd locations on Windows don't work under Cocoon - e.g. they use full paths to dtd's. Also, can't simply strip out

> the DOCTYPE line as the DTD also declares entities.
> Ideally, I'd like to leave the XML files alone and map the dtd file via Cocoon.
> I'd appreciate any advice on how this issue could be resolved.

Yes you can.  There are two issues however:

1) you need to specify the location of the DTD as http://server/file.dtd
   which means that Xerces will open a socket to find it (very heavy).
2) Validation is expensive.  It will affect the performance of Cocoon.

You would map the dtd like this in the sitemap:

<map:match pattern="*.dtd">
  <!-- If DTDs have a unique mime type, then substitute that -->
  <map:read type="file" src="{1}.dtd" mime-type="text/plain"/>

In this manner, You should be able to tell XMetaL to point to the web server for the
DTD files.  XMetaL should populate the DOCTYPE declaration with the web server version.

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