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From java guru <>
Subject bug 2737 still exists...xsp compilation package
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 16:35:17 GMT
  I am checking on the the previously reported bug
2737. I think the problem still exists.

Following is the scenario after bug fix

For example you have two subsite maps "test1" and

1. Have same pattern and same src path in xmap's of
both sitemaps 

2. But the content of the xsp served is different.

3. I anticipate both xsp to be compiled into different
packages based on sitemaps and result in separate

After bugfix is applied this is what happening..

 xsp are compiled into package according to the
following rules(at least what i observed is)

1. Prefix with org.apache.cocoon.www
2. attach the request pattern specified in xmap
3. attach the src specified in xmap for the pattern..

Please observe point 2..when considering the pattern,
c2 is not considering the subsitemap name as part of
pattern name. Its only considering the pattern
specified in xmap..

So again, for example
if subsitemaps test1, test2 both have pattern
src pointing to docs/forms/index.xsp

Now c2 is preparing the xsp code like
which is gonna be same for both subsitemap

Thanks and have great day

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