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From Alexander Thomas <>
Subject merging RequestGenerator and FileGenerator output.
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 18:41:18 GMT
Hi there.

My particular problem:

I just started on the Cocoon2 framework and would like to use it to
certain XMLdocuments. I have written an according xsl file which
provides for
a decent rendering of the xml files content on the users browser. Thus
processing pipe is organized in the following way:

1) FileGenerator reads XML document.
2) TraxTransformer transforms to HTML (including a form)

Now I would like to apply manipulations on the original XML document on
basis of the users post  message. In my case the best way to digest the
request is the RequestGenerqtor. But in order to process the XML
once again I do seem to need the FileGenerator.

My question(s):

Is there an easy and efficent way to merge those xml files?

The cocoon documnetation contains some remarks about mergers which seem
to be
able to do that, however I could not find them in the current release.
those mergers be available in the future?

Would it be appropriate to write a Generator class which produces the

Any advice would be appreciated.


Alexander Thomas

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